2022-2023 Fields of Concentration Addendum

Correction: Physics Concentration Honors Track Requirements

Amendment to Physics Requirements for Honors Eligibility (page 187)

Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 13 courses (52 credits)

1. Required courses:

a. Same as Basic Requirements.

b. Same as Basic Requirements. [line inadvertently removed from handbook, should be included]

c. Mathematics courses including at least two courses above the level of MATH 21A/B55A/B; or APMTH 21A/B, 22A/B. Students should consider especially APMTH 104 or MATH 113; APMTH 105 or MATH 110; APMTH 115; STAT 110.

d. The laboratory course PHYSICS 191 (see item 5.d.).

e. Three additional courses in Physics that should normally include PHYSICS 143B and 181.

f. Additional courses in Physics, or a related field, to complete the requirement of 13 courses (see item 5).

2. Tutorial: None.

3. Thesis: Optional. Students wishing to submit a thesis should obtain a copy of the departmental regulations from the office of the Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lyman 238.

4. General Examination: None.

5. Other information:

a. Same as Basic Requirements.

b. Pass/fail: Two courses may be taken pass/fail. These may not include PHYSICS 15A, 15B, 15C, 16, 19, or 191.

c. The total number of concentration courses taken during the student’s college career (including study abroad or transfer credits) must be at least 13.

d. ASTRON 191 may be substituted for PHYSICS 191 with the permission (no later than the end of the student’s seventh semester) of the Director of Undergraduate Studies by students who have demonstrated a serious academic interest in Astrophysics by completing a number of appropriate courses in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Honors candidates are advised to obtain additional experience in experimental Physics by assisting in research through PHYSICS 90R, or by working during the summer in an industrial, university, or government laboratory